Shell Stone Blend for Wet’n’Wild

Tree Surrounds with a touch of Beach

A blend of ‘Beach’ gravel and sea shells put the finishing touches to the permeable tree surrounds at Sydney’s Wet ‘n’ Wild before its grand opening.

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A tree surround made of our porous material allows rain to reach the tree roots. In fact out StoneSet layer lets water through up to 103ltrs/m2/second – a fully permeable surface. This cuts down on the need for watering and makes sure that any water that escapes from the irrigation system doesn’t go to waste as it will find its way into the ground.

The mix was installed in just one day and was part of the finishing touches being put to the park before site clearance. The architect was looking to add some individuality to the project. The idea of incorporating small sea shells and taking the beach to Western Sydney resonated with the client.

The shell is a rapidly replenishing product sourced in Australia and offers a unique finish matched perfectly with the beach pebble sourced from northern NSW.

Permeable and practical

There isn’t much to keeping porous paving looking neat and pretty. Apply a brush and detergent or a pressure washer once in a while and it will continue working for a long time. It can take the sun, freezing temperatures and heat without losing colour or flexibility, and so doesn’t require any special considerations.

StoneSet are always keen to discuss incorporating other products into our paving to complement a range already consisting of recycled products.