StoneSet Overlays a New Plain Driveway

Plain driveways – new home builds

If you have purchased a new home off the plan, or have had a plain concrete driveway packaged up with your new home, then you may be looking at options for resurfacing concrete driveways.

Typically the costs of purchasing a new home can add up well before the home is finished. Particularly for house and land packages, where costs (and results) are better controlled by lump sum style contracts.

An off the plan driveway can leave your brand-new home looking plain, stark and unfinished.

This was the situation recently with a new home owner in Sydney. Like an unwrapped Christmas present, Here we see the protective plastic still stuck to the brand new aluminium composite panel garage doors!

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“The installers were very polite and professional and did a great job onsite. I am happy with the quality of work and would recommend this product others. The finish and look is excellent!”

– Homeowner of above project


A builder by trade, the owner was familiar with StoneSets application over existing concrete surfaces. The appeal of matching driveway and pathway with a continuous resin bound stone surface appealed as the finishing touch to a fantastic brand new home.

Rather than put up with the plain concrete finish that was included as part of the new build, the owner decided to get straight to the task of resurfacing concrete and adjacent pathway using StoneSet as a 16mm overlay.


Cost effective concrete Resurfacing

Whilst resurfacing driveways has significant appeal for cracked, worn or unsightly driveways, StoneSet has also been applied to hundreds of brand new concrete driveways.


Often new home owners recognise the difference StoneSet can make as a finishing touch and budget for its cost towards the end of the project.

Hence this is particularly the case when a resin bound stone driveway option is not available as part of the build package.

This was the case for some brand new homes in Eastwood. Part of a new estate by AV Jennings, StoneSet was used to add extra appeal to some of the housing options available to prospective buyers.

The ability to create a colourful, durable, high quality natural stone driveway was the main appeal. Buyers were looking for a solid investment with durable materials and for higher end new homes, a premium look was essential.

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a Cost effective investment 

New homes are beautiful inside and out. When looking to stand out, many home owners have opted to finish off their brand new home with natural stone driveway resurfacing using StoneSet.

A new stone driveway has a range of additional benefits. Further to the natural stone driveway appearance, there are safety and durability concearns met by StoneSet.

A light sprinkle of sand is applied to the StoneSet while drying, which enhances the slip-resistance of the product.

StoneSet surfaces come with a ten-year guarantee but have been engineered to last for up to 25 years with little to no maintenance. StoneSet driveways wear well and look better than boring concrete.

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