Truck Drivers Memorial Grounds, Tarcutta

This truck drivers memorial was commissioned under the Australian Truck Drivers Memorial Inc, a non-profit organisation, run by a voluntary committee which relies on donations and sponsorship to provide and maintain the upkeep of the wall.

The Memorial Wall is situated at the Southern end of the park in the main street of the small township of Tarcutta in New South Wales Australia, midway between Sydney & Melbourne.

This site was chosen as the town has a long historical association with the transport industry and was situated beside the Hume Highway until the Tarcutta Bypass opened in late 2011.

Thousands gather each year to show their respect at the annual memorial service in October.

The memorial wall holds the names of many who lost their lives during their line of duty whilst working for the transport industry – some driving, some whilst loading and unloading and from a wide range of years. With the inclusion of the new “In Memory Of” wall, families of drivers are now able to have the names of their loved ones who have died of illness or natural causes included.

The Australian Truck Drivers’ Memorial committee encourages Truck Drivers and other road users to undertake initiatives to reduce road accidents by encouraging Safe Driving on our roads.

Our mix of Charcoal, Ash and Arctic revitalised this driveway and the

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