Water Play Feature, Mills Park

Stone Paving Parks

This one really shows the flexibility of the StoneSet’s capabilities. Completed by our Perth installers, Landscape Australia. StoneSet was chosen to create a natural looking water play feature.

Suitable for play areas

For this application, StoneSet was primarily used for its porosity to achieve Safety.

The porous stone meant any children splashing or making waves in the pond would be seamlessly returned to the water table. Just like waves washing up on sand at the beach.

Soft fall rubber was not appropriate given its lack of porosity, but also the harsh chemicals like salt and chlorine used to sanitise water. Also, being constantly exposed to the Sun, rubber has a reduced lifespan when compared with natural stone.

Whilst stone is obviously harder than rubber, the other ideal property of using natural stone was the the high traction “R11” slip rating in the wet. However the resin bound natural stone means no maintenance and significantly naturalises the urban environment.

Another great water play feature using StoneSet stone paving was this park in Coomera Westfield.

Landscape Australia, Mills Par, CRS copy

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