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No More Loose Stones

Permeable Rooftops

Pebbles provide a great looking and functional finish for rooftops – there is one major problem, and that is those pebbles falling off the top of your multi-storey building!

Commercial & Residential Buildings

Prevent Loose Stones Falling From Rooftops

Our resin-bound stone and gravel binder hold pebbles in place. Eliminate the need for installing unpleasant and functional netting, while still avoiding birds collecting them. 

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Secure, Functional and Beautiful

Stone as a Functional Rooftop

Stone is regularly specified for building rooftops for a number of reasons:

  • Stone is relatively cheap (especially larger stones)​
  • Stone absorbs UV and does not wear​
  • Stone is much more aesthetically pleasing

A natural, atheistically pleasing protection layer for waterproofing on rooftops is often loose pebbles, the nuggets of stone are easy to install, absorb UV and protect the waterproofing.

They also provide a much better perspective for neighbouring buildings with your roof as part of their panorama.

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No Loose Stone
Choice of 30+ Colours
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UV Proof

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

What are the Downsides of Loose Stone Rooftops?

Loose pebbles are the perfect target for curious and intelligent local bird wildlife. Their curiosity, playful nature and misconception that some of these pebbles are eggs result in very costly and dangerous results.

Pebbles are picked up and left on the roof edge by these birds, several stories high and a few centimetres further and that pebble would have joined the others that crashed down onto the glass canopy below, causing thousands of dollars of damage and serious risk to public health.

Pebbles have been reported breaking patio doors, glass walls and canopies which is proving very costly and dangerous!

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Avoid Plastic Materials & Maintenance

No More Net Covers

Placing nets over pebbles seems only to prove an interesting game for the birds who seem to enjoy plucking their way through the nets, turning them into sails that become strewn around when the wind picks up and as you can see from the above netting image below doesn’t stop the stray pebble problem.

Providing the Perfect Rooftop Stone Solutions

The Advantages of Permeable Rooftops

Binding the stone is the best solution for existing stone on your rooftop, using our single part binding resin, this is simply walked out over the pebbles and left to settle and bind the stone in position. 


Stunning Rooftops

Choose from a large range of colours and have your property stand out amongst your neighbours.


Safe & Secure Stone

Our resin binder secures the stone safely to the roof, ensuring that no stones can be picked up and moved by wildlife.


Environmentally Friendly

Using natural stone and a safe binder, our products are 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

Download our Rooftop Stone Binder Brochure

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