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Slip Free Play Areas For Schools & Courtyards

Schools & Courtyards

Children love to run around, so finding paving solutions that help prevent slipping and falling is important. Our slip resistant, trip-free paving is perfect, the natural stone adds to the sensory enhancement of modern organic landscape design

School Yards, Courtyards & Outdoor Recreational Areas

Permeable School Yards & Court Yards

School playgrounds present a special kind of challenge when determining how to manage activities that take place in the space, plus safety elements and the environmental conditions created by the weather.

The Alternative Paving Solution

Watch How We Created a 'Cool School'

Nothing is as uplifting and motivating for students and staff alike, as a safe, appealing, and nature-friendly environment at school.

Whether students are in primary-school, high-school, or beyond, students want to feel confident while playing or walking around their learning institutions.

Surrounding students with an environmentally friendly setting can even enhance their interest and understanding of environmental issues.

No Loose Stones Icon Green 128x128
No Loose Stone
Choice of 30+ Colours
Slip Resistant Icon Green 128x128
UV Proof

Eco-Friendly Porous Paving

High-Quality Resin & Stone

For most school administrators, however, creating those surroundings seems like an impossible undertaking. Not just the construction costs and the time needed to complete the project, but the maintenance of keeping the environment clean and tidy are major concerns.

Luckily there is a solution: you can provide your students and staff with an attractive, easy-to-clean, and environmentally friendly alternative with StoneSet’s Porous Paving.

This type of pavement can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your school compound and increase the slipware rating of your pathways and playgrounds.

Permeable Schools and Courtyards 3 512x512 1
Permeable Schools and Courtyards 4 512x512 1

Colours, Designs & Patterns

Get Creative with Customised Logos & Artwork

We can make our pavement look any way you want. Want your school logo embedded in the pavement? No problem. Your school colours? No problem. We can customise every detail to your liking.

Your school’s crest or logos can easily be integrated into the porous paving which enhances brand promotion.

Our crushed stones also come in a wide range of colours which you can use to improve your school’s image and identity.

The Alternative Patio Paving Solution For Schools & Courtyards

The Advantages of Permeable Schools & Courtyards



Safety has to be the number one concern of any place supervising children. This means that you want a surface that makes tripping harder. The non-slip surface of porous paving will cut down on the times children fall on your playground and in your hallways.



Schools generally want to avoid constantly patching surfaces, as they have limited funds and would rather spend them on curriculum. Porous paving comes with three stone sizes, and they can work together to give maximum hold. It won’t need replacing for at least 10 years, and it will look good after years of heavy traffic.


No Puddles

Pooling water is a nuisance and a danger in schools. People walk through it and then trek water from outside to make indoor floors slippery. With porous paving, there are no puddles. The water seeps down to where you want it, out of the way of pedestrians.


Clear Markings

Schools like to mark out areas where children should line up for class and can play with the ball. The problem with non-porous pavement is that you have to paint on those spaces, and the paint wears away with time. Porous paving comes in a selection of bright colors which you can use to permanently and clearly spell out the dimensions of the basketball court and the line-up spot.



Schools have many kinds of surfaces, from parking lots to playgrounds, and each has its own requirements. The 3 stone sizes and range of colours lets you create different looks and meet different needs throughout the campus: a no-nonsense parking lot with a mix of the 3 sizes for great strength, whimsical surroundings in the playground with the 6 mm size stones for maximal permeability and safety, and so on.


Cooler Surfaces

The best part for students is the cooling effect that permeable paving provides. The light sandy grey tones of the stone mean the sunlight is reflected, rather than absorbed like concrete or asphalt is prone to do. Combined with the shade sails, you can be ensured that this paving remains cool on hot days and safe during cold days. Making Permeable paving the perfect year-round solution for schools & courtyards.

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Permeable Schools and Courtyards 2 512x512 1
Permeable Schools and Courtyards 6 512x512 1
Permeable Schools and Courtyards 7 512x512 1
Permeable Schools and Courtyards 5 512x512 1
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