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Premium Resin-Bound Gravel Binder

Gravel Binder

Choose your resin gravel binder based on the tone & colour of your current stone or gravel. Our clear colour enriches the pre-existing stone colour, while our amber is to add a shade of colour to lighter stone, providing an enhance ambience. 

Tones & Sizes to Meet All Projects

Two Stunning Gravel Binder Colours to Choose From

Calculate how much Binder you need

Easy to Learn & Pour

Learn How to Correctly Pour Your Resin-Bound Gravel Binder

We’ve crafted our DIY products to be easy to use. That’s why there’s no surprise that our Gravel Binder pouring process is easy as 1-2-3. Watch our explainer video to learn how to pour like an expert.

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Choose Your Resin Binder Colour & Size

What Do I Receive in My Order?

You’ll receive either a 5kg or 20kg container of premium quality, resin-bound liquid, in either a clear or amber form, that’s ready to be poured over your own stones or pebbles. 

Resin Bound Gravel Binder

Clear vs Amber Comparison

Do You Prefer the Clear or Amber Resin Best?

Clear Resin Binder Amber Resin Binder

Our Resin Gravel Binder Application Process

Easy as...



For best results, choose a binder that matches the color of your stone. Amber is recommended for dark shades, while Clear is best for lighter colors.



To get the best results, ensure the surface is dry, level, and clear of debris before starting work. Protect edges and surrounding areas with masking tape to avoid damage or imperfections.



Pour the resin binder evenly over your surface and smooth out with a tool. Allow to dry overnight before adding additional coats, if they’re needed. Follow these steps carefully for successful application.

Learn More About Our Resin-Bound Gravel Binder

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick and easy to install, our Pour On gravel binder provides a cost-effective way to bind and stabilise loose gravel. The gravel resin is most often used creating attractive and easy to maintain gravel landscaping and pathways.

Pour On is the ideal polyurethane gravel binder to achieve a perfect resin stone surface. Offers two versions of the binder, amber and clear. Amber is less expensive if you are not concerned about the colour gravel look.

Available nationally, Pour On is the most widely used gravel resin applied primarily for gravel stabilisation Australia wide.

The important criteria are that the gravel is graded as a single sized stone between 6mm and 20mm. The gravel needs to be clean and dry with minimum dust or fines.

No, this product is resin only. For a combined stone & resin kit, see our Stone & Resin DIY kits.

Yes, but it is not guaranteed as the system has not been designed for this kind of application. If you do mix the stone and resin beforehand it is always recommended to pour a light coat on top of the area once it has cured. Alternatively, StoneSet supplies a full supply and installation system of porous and overlay paving which is covered by a 70 year guarantee and offers maximum longevity.

No. StoneSet offer a full 10-year guarantee for supply and installation projects using our fully bound, overlay and porous paving system completed by an approved StoneSet installer. Pour On applications do not come under this product warranty.

Yes, pretty much. The important criteria is that it is graded as a single sized stone between 6 and 20mm. We have used lots of gravel, crushed rock and recycled aggregates. Some recycled brick or very porous stone may require more resin, so monitor the surface once it has cured for any dry patches. It is always recommended to carry out a trial area to ensure your stone is suitable.

No, however when used to bind pebbles within a drainage cell system, a high percentage of the stone will maintain a strong bond.

The design life of the resin is in excess of 5 years. The life of the finished surface is dependent on the quality of installation, type of stone, level of use and base stability.

Once cured the resin is a completely inert material, meaning it is safe and has no negative impact to the surrounding areas. In fact, by creating a porous surface it offers some great benefits in waterway pollution and stormwater management. In liquid form the resin should be handled with care and the safety data sheet should be read prior to use. Always wear gloves when handling and a respirator when pouring large quanities of resin or any quantity in confined spaces.

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