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Perfect Pool Paver Resurfacing

If you have a pool on your property, it’s no surprise if your place becomes popular all of a sudden over the Christmas holidays!

Old, rigid cement based pool paving surrounds are susceptible to cracking, water ingress and further erosion. Stone and Polyurethane are both waterproof, meaning StoneSet Permeable paving does not experience the same puddles, erosion and cracking. Read more!


How the StoneSet enables you to fulfill council requirements

You could be asking yourself “Do I require planning permission if I want to pave my driveway or garden?” Don’t worry; you are not alone. Council requirements in Australia can be hard to understand.


Making The Most Of Hardscapes For Your Client

When a client comes to you with a new landscaping project, they generally have some objective in mind.The details, however, might be fuzzy. They may say that they want to put in some hardscapes but not be certain about how they would really work for their property. Fortunately, StoneSet is versatile and can be used to meet any client’s needs


StoneSet Can Add Value To Your green Home!

When you look at your home, do you see little imaginary price tags hanging over certain parts of it? Energy Star appliances, those will add value. Efficient windows, those increase the asking price. Old insulation… hmmm, better redo that before I go on the market. If you’re making home upgrades with an eye on a return on your investment, there is something else you should consider.


Ideal Solution For Your Client’s Landscaping Projects

Wouldn’t your clients love to be the envy of the neighbourhood with a yard that looks professionally landscaped but didn’t cost a fortune?


Commercial Hardscaping: Trendy Green Solution

Hardscaping with StoneSet’s porous paving provides a sustainable green solution to the toughest problems concerning your commercial property and corporate business.


Hardscaping Easy for Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a place for a community’s most talented gardeners to grow fruit and vegetables for the residents of cities, towns, and small remote populations. Community gardens generally rent raised garden beds or larger plots, and sometimes they even rent large containers or small flower pots within the garden for those with various levels of gardening enthusiasm or ability.

Community gardens often provide water with irrigation supply lines to each bed rather than requiring each gardener to water with hoses and regular irrigation to increase yields. In areas with limited growing seasons, community gardeners work tirelessly to yield the highest potential production levels to feed as many people as possible.

The garden’s overall aesthetics and array of options and benefits available to gardeners who belong to the community garden and who care deeply about our shared environment justify the rental fees, which range from garden to garden. Supply of spaces is limited and generally demand determines length of wait lists. You want all of your spaces rented and your wait list long to justify your rental fees for better operations and productions each year.


  • Updating your community gardens with StoneSet’s environmentally friendly porous paving solutions increases rental fees by increasing aesthetic appeal and lengthens the wait-list to grow in your garden. StoneSet makes any garden special, beautiful, and healthy for humans and for the environment.
  • StoneSet’s porous paving conserves your irrigated water budget and limited rainwater and then provides that filtered water to the roots for your clients’ rented raised garden beds offering an advantage over your competition.
  • Hardscaping your community garden pathways between raised garden beds with light-coloured StoneSet natural stone cools the property and reflects sunlight up to leaves overhanging raised beds increasing your overall production.
  • Inlaid community garden logo, patterns, signs or colourful artwork in your overall design impress gardeners with the values and benefits of gardening in your community garden increasing popularity of the activity and increasing demand for rental spaces.

  • StoneSet’s range includes 24 natural colours of stone and 6 colours of brilliant recycled glass, so any design that you can imagine is possible.
  • Hardscaping patios for sitting and discussing gardening while drinking tea is easy with StoneSet. Popular patterns for residential garden patios include the yin-yang or the peace symbol, or the tree of life, also appropriate to a community garden.
  • Surround trees with StoneSet for shaded porous picnic table areas to encourage family gardening. Add grilling pads here and there to enjoy the culinary fruits of your collective labour at community cookouts.
  • Hardscaping the exterior grounds of a community garden attract visiting customers and the community to your facilities for plant sales, food giveaways, and your spring and harvest festivals.
  • Walkways, entrance ways, and car parks stay puddle-free, slip-resistant, and safe with the porous quality, while providing water to living landscapes around your property that border the roads and other properties while reducing run-off that damages streams and rivers to preserve our planet. Hardscaping with StoneSet reduces your human and environmental liabilities as a non-profit struggling to thrive like the gardens do.
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting, StoneSet comes with a ten-year guarantee, requires almost no maintenance, is easy to clean with a pressure washer, and looks great while helping the earth and your gardens grow.

Contact us to make hardscaping easy for solving many community garden problems and for increasing food production and your gardening clients. Community gardens provide wonderful spaces with purpose. Maximise and make the most of your land’s gardening space with StoneSet and grow your business.

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4 Unique Ways to Incorporate StoneSet Into Landscaping Designs For Your Clients

Are you looking for ways to offer more for your clients when doing landscaping design? StoneSet is a versatile product that can be used to give your work a unique look that clients will love.


StoneSet: THE Landscaping SOLUTION for your Clients

Landscapers looking for new ideas and new products find StoneSet perfect for their clients looking for something new, too. StoneSet, available across Australia and New Zealand, provides a wonderful overlay and porous paving solution for hardscaping projects of all kinds: driveways, front entrance ways, carports, parking lots, pathways, equipment pads, patios and porches, play areas, tree surrounds and pool surrounds.