2019 Inspirations book out now!

The wait is over!

StoneSet have released the latest Inspirations Book for 2019!

  • Unseen, amazing photos
  • High end Home paving projects
  • Cost per square meter
  • Full project details


Perfect Pool Paver Resurfacing

If you have a pool on your property, it’s no surprise if your place becomes popular all of a sudden over the Christmas holidays!

Old, rigid cement based pool paving surrounds are susceptible to cracking, water ingress and further erosion. Stone and Polyurethane are both waterproof, meaning StoneSet Permeable paving does not experience the same puddles, erosion and cracking. Read more!


Tree Pit Talk

Tree Pits 

There is a lot of opinion over the best spec for a porous tree pit paving specification. We have been installing tree pits for nearly 20 years and worked with a lot of engineers, architects, landscapers, and arborists. (more…)

Landscaping Contractors: StoneSet

Busy Australian landscaping contractors looking for new ideas and new products to suggest to their clients find that StoneSet pleases and impresses the toughest kinds of clients with the very highest demands.