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What Is the Best Surface Material for Your Pool Surround?

What Is the Best Surface Material for Your Pool Surround?

Are you thinking of changing your pool surround?

Maybe you’re planning on upgrading or installing a swimming pool in your yard. You may want to think it through before making your decision to just purchase any pool surround available. This is because, as you know, pool surround is an important place in your pool where people socialise and similar to your home, it can show your unique taste, style and personality.

When choosing a pool surround, you need to consider the style and design as well as its versatility and functionality. There are many types of materials that you can choose from, which will represent what you really want in your pool deck.

Now comes the main problem. How do you choose from all the choices given? They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so you need to ask yourself what is your priority and your lifestyle. Here are some of the things you should consider.

  • Colour Preference
  • Permeability
  • Non-slip ability
  • Smoothness and accessibility
  • UV stability
  • Cooling ability
  • Easy to clean

What Are The Most Popular and The Best Surface Material For Your Pool Surround?

Now that you know what functionality you want for your pool surround, it’s now time to think about the best surface you want your pool deck to have. Here are some of the most popular and best surface materials you can choose from.

Wood Composite Plastic

What’s great about wood composite plastic is made from recycled materials and will not show signs of fading, warping or causing splinter, unlike natural wood. You also won’t worry about slipping and taking too much time in maintenance. This surface material is perfect because it is waterproof and doesn’t need staining, painting or sealing.

Concrete Overlay

This kind of material provides your pool deck with an anti-slip resistant surface, which makes a concrete overlay that functions similarly to expensive materials such as stone, wood and slate. You can apply this overlay to concrete surfaces to add slip resistance, texture and colour, without compromising the design and style of the pool deck, including its personality.

Paving Slabs

You can choose from a variety of slab materials such as luxurious marble, concrete and natural stone. If you choose to use natural stone and concrete slabs, they can become damaged when exposed to chlorinated water for long periods of time in freezing temperatures. These materials can also be rough on your bare feet.

If you choose natural stone and marble, then it can look exquisite but can be really slippery and hard to maintain.

Artificial Grass

If you want your pool deck to appear more realistic without the extra mud, moving and mess, then you can use artificial grass which can withstand salty or chlorinated water as well as constant water splashes. In case of a fall, it can serve as a soft cushion, providing protection. You’re not also limited to green colours. You can choose any colour you want, including hot pink and playful purple!


Customise the look of your pool surround using tiles. This material has a long lifespan and the ability to withstand natural elements such as salt and chlorine if you maintain it properly. There are different types of tiles, but the most popular ones for pools are the non-slip porcelain and ceramic tiles, which are also available in a wide range of colours.

Resin Bound

Resin-bound paving materials can provide your pool surround with a barefoot-friendly and non-slip surface which can be installed with a sealed or a permeable finish. You can also choose from a wide range of textures and colours, which make this material suitable for everyone’s homes with their unique lifestyles and personalities.

What’s great about resin-bound paving is its long lifespan of up to 25 years if maintained properly. You can use this material to make your pool surround unique. Some of its advantages include:

  • Resin-bound paving materials can camouflage drains and filters seamlessly.
  • Resin-bound paving materials can be immediately laid over existing surfaces.
  • Resin-bound-paving has various designs and patterns.


The best surface material for your pool surround greatly depends on what lifestyle you have and what is the most important feature you want to see. It also depends on which material you want to choose based on some of the following factors: durability, flexibility, functionality, versatility, design and patterns.

StoneSet is Australia’s leading specialist in resin-bound paving and has an impressive portfolio, from porous driveways to national landmarks, including beautiful pool surrounds in Sydney. If you wish to learn how we can help you with your pool deck, then visit our website today to find out more.

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