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Building Your Own Fire Pit: What to Remember and Avoid

Building Your Own Fire Pit: What to Remember and Avoid

A fire pit can be a great addition to any home or property because of its added value and entertainment potential. It can really add some life to your backyard and provide a better way to host gatherings.

Building your own fire pit is one of the easier tasks to do in terms of home installations, so you should be able to set up your cozy little outdoor setup in no time. Just make sure you’re aware of the essential practices and biggest no-nos.

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Things to Remember

Make Sure to Leave Room For Easy Access

You should have enough space to comfortably maneuver around the fire pit. Seating placement should be at a comfortable distance, where it’s not so near that it’s tight and dangerous but also not so far that it’s practically disconnected. You also want to make room between the pit and other materials for safety purposes.

Get the Proper Safety Gear

It’s tempting to just go about the simplest bits of the process in your most comfortable clothes, but it’s still a construction project at the end of the day. In fact, it’s better to prep for daily use and also buy the right safety gear in the event of a fire going out of bounds from the pit. You’ll want an extinguisher and a fire blanket, at the very least.

Make Sure You Install a Steel Ring

This is one of the most critical parts of the fire pit, so you can’t forget about it. You want to line the inner walls with a steel ring so that the walls of the pit don’t end up drying out over time. More than simply preserving the looks of your fire pit for longer, it is also a matter of maintaining its durability and strength.

Use Porous Materials When Building

The materials you use for the pit itself and around it must absolutely be made with porous options such as StoneSet’s resin bound stone, brick, concrete, and limestone, among others. This prevents water from getting trapped. If water builds up, you will be at a higher risk for trapping steam that can lead to an explosion. Porous paving and structure will be the way to go.

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What to Avoid

Don’t Place Your Fire Pit on Concrete

Even though you can use concrete if you choose to, you may want to avoid concrete as flooring. The heat emanating from the fire pit will eventually cause it to crack. There are other heat-resistant options to choose from that still fit the bill of porous paving.

Don’t Put Your Fire Pit Near Hazards

Just as the pit itself shouldn’t use flammable materials, be wary of any fire hazards that may be present within twenty feet of it. This includes wooden structures and natural plants alike.

Don’t Build Without Local Clearance

Your local government needs to approve of your plans before you start building, lest you be open to fines and liabilities. There are tighter regulations on fire pits now, so you’ll need to get the proper permits.


With these in mind, your fire pit installation should be an easier and safer process. It’s really worth the effort and can likely last you for years to come. There are tons of design options out there when it comes to fire pits, too, so you should not feel limited by one aesthetic.

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