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Keep Your Pool Deck and Lawn Looking Great with Gravel and Pour On

Keep Your Pool Deck and Lawn Looking Great with Gravel and Pour On

Many outdoor pools have no transition space between the deck and the lawn, but this can lead to problems once the pool is in use. That’s because chlorinated water is inevitably dragged from an active pool and brought up onto the deck. Then, the water goes directly to the lawn, where it causes two main problems.

First, lawns and decorative shrubs typically hate chlorine. When pool water gets on them, they sicken and may die over time. Second, grass is sensitive to flooding, and can easily die from the abundance of water alone. Clearly, something needs to be done if the landscape around the pool is to be maintained.

Try a Gravel Barrier

One great way to stop this problem is to put a permeable gravel barrier between the edges of your pool deck and your landscaping. This will provide an area that will catch the pool water without being damaged by either the chlorine or the amount of liquid present. Choose a nice-looking, smooth rock type. You or your kids may decide to run over this area, and you won’t want sharp rocks hitting your bare feet.

Keep it in Place

The key to successfully using gravel in a landscape is keeping it where it belongs. This is easy to do if you use Pour On to bind the stones right after you get the gravel the way you want it. Pour On keeps the stonesx in place, and since it doesn’t destroy permeability, it’ll let the gravel barrier do its job of keeping the pool water away from your greenery.

To learn more about how you can use Pour On to keep your landscapes looking beautiful, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help you make your ideas turn out great.

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