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Pool Surround Ideas for Safety and Practicality

Pool Surround Ideas for Safety and Practicality

So, you’ve got that itch to transform your swimming pool surrounds into a dazzling retreat—what an exciting endeavour! Whether you’re basking in the luxury of an inground oasis or soaking in the cool vibes of an above-ground pool, we’re here with some friendly and practical tips to turn your pool surround into the talk of the town.

Top Considerations for Choosing Your Perfect Pool Surround

Leisurely Landscape Exploration

Take a stroll around your pool space, not just for a stroll’s sake but to absorb the existing features like garden beds, trees, and outdoor structures. It’s about ensuring that your landscape around a pool is a feature and a harmonious extension of your outdoor aesthetics.

Crafting the Perfect Mix

Imagine crafting the perfect cocktail—now, apply that same philosophy to inground swimming pool landscaping ideas, Blend beauty and functionality in equal measure. Consider how you’ll use the space – is it a sun-soaking haven, a hub for wild pool parties, or simply a tranquil spot to unwind with family? Tailor pool area design ideas to fit your unique lifestyle!

Magic for Inground and Above-Ground Pools

Are you looking for landscape ideas around inground pools? StoneSet’s permeable paving is your rockstar choice. It plays the water game without creating annoying puddles. And the magical part? It’s equally fabulous for your above-ground beauty, seamlessly crafting a stylish surround that transcends pool types.

Mother Nature’s Whims

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so choose materials to handle her mood swings. Consider the local climate to ensure your pool area remains comfortable and functional throughout the seasons.

Budget-Friendly Bliss

Money doesn’t grow on trees—we get it! Establish a budget that considers both the upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Opt for landscaping around pool ideas that use materials that match your budget and require maintenance that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Safe & Practical Pool Surround Ideas

1. Non-Slip Surfaces for Safety First

Nothing trumps safety, especially around a wet area like a pool. Choose materials with non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents. StoneSet boasts a range of non-slip options, ensuring secure footing for all your pool-goers.

2. Creative Landscaping Delights

Landscaping around your pool isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality, too. Get creative by incorporating greenery and flowers for beauty and natural shade. Opt for plants that can withstand pool chemicals and varying weather conditions for a vibrant, year-round landscape.

3. Cosy Comfort Seating

Elevate the practicality of your pool area with comfy seating options whether stylish loungers or cosy outdoor sofas, creating inviting spaces for relaxation is vital to a well-rounded pool experience.

4. Pavers and Stones Elegance

When it comes to your pool surround, durability is the name of the game. Choose aesthetically pleasing pavers and stones for a sturdy surface that withstands the test of time. StoneSet, with its variety of premium colours and specialist tools, offers a customisable and durable pool surround solution.

How StoneSet Can Transform Your Pool Surround

StoneSet isn’t just a player; it’s a game-changer in ensuring the safety and functionality of your pool surround. With its naturally porous quality, StoneSet facilitates efficient water drainage, bid farewell to puddles around your pool. StoneSet’s extensive range of stone options is the ultimate choice for homeowners seeking swimming pool surround ideas that seamlessly combine elegance with practicality.

Advantages of StoneSet Permeable Paving

No Puddles, Only Pure Fun

StoneSet’s porous quality ensures immediate water drainage, ending puddles and ensuring safety for both inground and above-ground pool setups.

Safety and Traction Magic

The textured pebble surface of StoneSet provides excellent slip resistance – a must for those barefoot swimmers making a dash for the pool.

Low Maintenance Bliss

Say farewell to constant upkeep! StoneSet requires minimal maintenance, offering a cost-effective and long-lasting solution compared to alternatives like mats or traditional concrete – perfect for both inground and above-ground pool owners.

Weather-Resistant Beauty

Natural stone, bound by a robust polyurethane resin, makes StoneSet resistant to UV exposure and harsh pool chemicals, promising lasting colour and structural integrity for both pool types.

Whether you’re flaunting an inground marvel or an above-ground charmer, your pool surround should be a safe haven that reflects your style. StoneSet’s permeable paving is the magic wand you need to add that touch of enchantment to your poolside adventures. Let’s give your pool surrounds a facelift and make a splash in style!

To journey through the extensive range of StoneSet products and colours, take a virtual stroll through StoneSet’s Pool Surrounds, Stone Products, and Premium Colour options. And if you’re ready to learn how to landscape around a pool with StoneSet’s permeable paving, dive into our Specialist Tools. Happy swimming, styling, and lounging by the pool!

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