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Sandstone Driveway Resurfacing

Sandstone Driveway Resurfacing

This beautiful little carport and driveway backed on to bushland in the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney.

Being built on a bedrock of sandstone on the ridge-line, the driveway showed the bones of the hill – bare solid sandstone rock that been left exposed for decades since the original build.

Sandstone Driveway Resurfacing

As such the photo above shows a section of the driveway under the carport had advanced erosion. Decades of tyre sheer and compaction of parking under the carport near the entry.

Being a patchwork of loose compacted gravel, concrete and sandstone rock – needless to say the appearance of the area detracted from the property and was in need of a facelift.

Versatile Paving Resurfacing

The options to resurface were limited.

Paving – The thought of excavation was a nightmare – both with difficult access and an existing deck structure over head, and the base was heavily compacted and partly composed of rock. Overall the cost was prohibitive and complicated any option to re-base and re-pave the area properly.

Concreting – Whilst the side section could have been formed up and a self levelling cement based product could possibly have been poured, this would have needed to be at least 50mm thick for structural integrity and still the mottled patchwork base meant any contractor would not be able to warrant future cracking given they were not pouring on to a base up to full spec.

Coating – Spray coatings were similarly not an option, and any pavement paint applied to sandstone typically delaminates due to it being a porous surface.

StoneSet Saves the Day!

This was the ideal application for a product like StoneSet for several reasons.

Compacted base – The heavily compacted stone and dirt from years of vehicle traffic would normally be a hassle, but in this case, it was ready to be resurfaced. Not with a thin spray coating, but rather a durable 16mm layer of stone.

Levelling properties – Much like a self-levelling screed, The thickness of the topping of StoneSet is not fixed like a paver, rather the cracks, potholes and divots is infilled with the stone and resin material easily – transforming undulating patchwork to uniform and level brand new surface.

Natural – The repeated patterns of segmental paving just would not have been right here. Nestled amongst the trees, the appeal of a natural aggregate as the welcome mat to the home was irresistible.

Not only no-more cracked and dusty sandstone, but the resin-bound stone is also guaranteed to last 10 years with no loose stone, meaning a maintenance-free entry to the home. That meant no more mud being trudged in on rainy days, and an much more proud surface to sweep or blower vac free of leaves – not getting caught in the gaps between the sandstone.

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