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Top 5 Applications of Permeable Pavers You Should Know

Top 5 Applications of Permeable Pavers You Should Know

The standard solution to drainage for walkways and roads have always been to redirect the water to drainage systems. While this may remove the water pool from road surfaces, it leads to storm surges and transfers road pollutants to natural water bodies.

Permeable pavers are the rapidly rising alternative to traditional materials for many surfaces, from homes to public spaces. It allows rainwater to seep through, which is why it’s considered a sustainable and eco-friendly system.

What is a Permeable Paver?

Permeable pavers are not entirely permeable. Rainwater or runoff does not flow through the pavers to the adequately prepared gravel and soil beneath. When you put up a permeable pavers system, the spaces between them allow water to travel through to the various levels beneath.

Permeable pavers are typically composed of baked clay brick or concrete. The joints between the pavers are filled with crushed aggregate. This aggregate can be made of crushed quartz, granite or marble.

Here are some of the top applications of permeable pavers:

Parking Lots

Permeable paving can be one part of green parking lots, including rain gardens, art, trees, solar covers and other creative elements. Paving and landscaping choices have a significant effect on the environmental impact of parking lots.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres really can’t do with slippery surfaces. Like driveways, shopping centres often need to meet specific design conditions whilst raising the safety to the highest level.

Permeable pavers can help reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by slippery surfaces and water-related downtime, thereby increasing the shopping centre’s efficiency.


Entrances can be bold and imposing, grand or reserved. They’ve got to look a certain way, but they must always fulfil their primary function: to allow people to walk towards the establishment safely.

Permeable pavers feature the perfect materials for the entrance to a home, building, or property. The design possibilities and incredible drainage capacity will ensure your entrance looks fantastic and other tangible benefits, like anti-slip texture and ease of maintenance.


There is nothing worse than pulling onto your driveway after a wet day to find it brimming with stagnant water. It is hard to prevent puddles on a large flat surface area unless you use permeable paving, promoting natural drainage.

Permeable pavers maintain an ideal driving surface by providing fantastic water drainage. Excellent drainage combined with an anti-slip surface means you don’t have to worry about entering or exiting your car in slippery conditions whilst your driveway remains clean-looking.

Public Spaces

Heat islands are typical in public spaces because of the amount of land covered by concrete or asphalt paving. These surfaces absorb heat, which increases the temperature and causes a heat island effect. Cities can significantly minimise heat islands by installing permeable pavements, which allows the soil underneath to breathe and bring the temperatures down.

Final Thoughts

Permeable pavers are excellent alternatives to traditional concrete when it comes to low-volume-traffic areas where stormwaters are frequent. While it may cost higher than other methods, it saves space by removing the need to build complex drainage systems.

Permeable pavers can be utilised everywhere concrete or pavers are used, such as driveways, parking lots and public spaces. Before you begin, it is best to speak with an engineer or a professional installation service.

If you’re interested in permeable paving in Sydney for your home or other spaces, StoneSet can help! Since 2008, our company has built an impressive portfolio of projects, from porous driveways to national landmarks.

All StoneSet products allow water to pass through while maintaining a hard-wearing surface suitable for vehicular traffic. Contact us today for a quote or more information about permeable paving!

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