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Why Are Permeable Rubber Tree Pits the Best Choice?

Why Are Permeable Rubber Tree Pits the Best Choice?

Trees like to move, and in the hard landscaping world, they like to move a lot. For those likely to be most active, a rubber tree pit surface is now being specified by councils and StoneSet has a unique rubber tree pit product that we believe trumps the rest.

Here’s Why

  1. We use recycled rubber – an obvious benefit to the environment.
  2. We incorporate hard stones into our mixes to leave a more hard-wearing finish for high-trafficked areas.
  3. The inclusion of stone also significantly increases the porosity rate compared to 100% rubber. This helps keep the tree well-watered and healthy, and if it is well-watered, it is less inclined to search for more water.
  4. We also can incorporate recycled glass in the mix- another environmental tick.
  5. The resin blend is a variant of our tried and tested material, which has been used thousands of square meters worldwide since 1997.
  6. StoneSet rubber tree surrounds won’t shrink and lift, as can happen with 100% rubber mixes.
  7. All StoneSet installations carried out by StoneSet or an approved installer have a full warranty for peace of mind.

Checkout How They Work

If you’d like to learn more about installing tree surrounds on your property, give StoneSet a call today.

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